Friday, August 7, 2009

hi everyone!!
i am struggling with an eating dissorder, my parents did and do anything in order to help me. we went to many doctors and organizations, a year ago we heard of magen avraham- an organization that deals with eating disorders that say they are confidential. we started dealing with them, and there charges were very very expensive and we dont have money for it. when we tryed reaching them we could never speak to a person only to a voice mail- it takes about a week to ask a question wile as long as u r by them they charge u no matter if they spoke to u or not u get charged by the week a huge amount.
as known us eating disorders suffer from a trust problem- the first time i had met with the head of the organization he told me everything i will tell him is strictly between us, as time went by i learned nothing and really nothing was kept by him everything was explored if it was a medication for anxiety he told everyone i was taking, if it was about my boy friend and about my cutting i was telling him about he told everyone, anything i did he as if hung it out in a big poster.
now i begun therapy by a great therapist who does not tell that organization anything, they are not willing to work with me anymore cause we don't let them advertise my struggles with the world, i thank god everyday for making me do the rite thing of leaving the organizational,

i don't suggest anyone to get help from them cause you wont get help, the opposite u will feel even worse.
if anyone has anymore questions u could e mail me at: